MUSE 1.0

MUSE 1.0 is our bilingual introductory ultrasound course for primary care providers as well as medical residents and students. This course aims to improve your ultrasound skills through a modular, problem-based approach with a focus on lots of image generation and probe time.


The MUSE 1.0 course is recognized by the Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society (CPoCUS) as an entry level course. Scans necessary for certification as Independent Practitioner (IP) can be achieved upon completion of the MUSE 2.0 course.

Completion of the MUSE 1.0 course is worth 24 Mainpro+® credits from the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

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Please note: The core areas are cardiac, abdomen, basic lung, aorta, and first trimester pregnancy. The 50 scans can also be obtained by hiring an IP certified individual to supervise the scans or through completion of other certified ultrasound courses.

Module-Based Learning

Unique to our course is our module-based approach to the patient chief complaint or presenting problem, and using ultrasound to help arrive at or rule out a diagnosis.

Module 1:               Abdominal Pain (Aorta)

Module 2:              Abdominal Pain (Gallbladder)

Module 3:              Pelvic Pain, Vaginal bleeding (Female Pelvis)

Module 4:              Abdominal Pain or AKI (Kidney, bladder)

Module 5:              Chest Pain-Dyspnea 1 (Lung, pleura)

Module 6:              Chest Pain-Dyspnea 2 (Lung, pleura, heart, IVC)

Module 7:              Swollen knee (tendons, prepatellar bursa, fat pads) 

Course Material

Participants prepare for the course by reviewing  relevant chapters and videos in the course textbook, Bedside Ultrasound-Level 1 Échographie Ciblée-Niveau 1 (print or iBook versions available). The textbook is included in the registration fee and is aligned with the course objectives and pre-course text. The course material allows advance preparation to optimize the participant’s hands-on experience during the practical sessions. The course material also permits post-course review to solidify acquired concepts and skills.

No prior experience in point-of-care ultrasound is required.


The introductory MUSE 1.0 course is a one-day, hands-on workshop covering seven common clinical scenarios. Participants learn on state-of-the-art ultrasound machines and standardized patients in different learning environments such as a medical clinic, simulation center, or hospital. The course can be taught in your setting upon request and group registration.

Typical Schedule

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Cancellation policy

100% refund if written cancellation received 6 weeks prior to the course (minus $100 administrative fee).

50% refund if written cancellation received between 4 to 6 weeks prior to the course.

0% refund if written cancellation received less than 4 weeks prior to the course.