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Point of Care Ultrasound Courses

Montreal UltraSound Education (MUSE) courses are designed for health care clinicians that are new to point of care ultrasound, or looking to reinforce their skills and become certified.

Our courses are bilingual, provide CME credits, and are accredited by the Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society (CPoCUS). Participants scan all day with an exceptional ratio of one instructor for two participants.

We offer two levels of courses:

  1. MUSE 1.0 is a one-day introductory course (27 CFPC Mainpro+® credits)

  2. MUSE 2.0 is a two-day advanced course (48 CFPC Mainpro+® credits)

Both courses focus on plenty of image generation and scanning time. MUSE 2.0 offers 100% scanning time on female models to enable participants to acquire 50 scans towards CPoCUS-Independent Practitioner (IP) certification.

All our instructors are CPoCUS-IP certified and offer a wide range of expertise from emergency, ICU, ward, clinic, and rural settings.

We have been teaching CME ultrasound courses since 2014. Over 250 physicians, residents, and students from across Canada have completed MUSE courses and have provided exceptionally positive feedback. Many of our MUSE 1.0 participants also complete the MUSE 2.0 course.

Upcoming MUSE 1.0 Courses

Upcoming MUSE 2.0 Courses